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Gary D. Junell - President
Gary has been in the plumbing /
HVAC industry for more than 30 years. He holds several licenses relating to his field of expertise. His insight has led our company to focus on the environmental issues in the indoor air quality industry since 1993. He has performed numerous investigations in both commercial and residential properties to assist his client in improving their environments. His expertise is in air conveyance and HVAC system, understanding pollutant pathways. Needless to say with the time he has spent providing these services he has been in the IAQ industry before it was ever an industry.
To contact him gjunell@junellsbreatheeasy.com or 806-355-6602

Clint W. Junell - Vice President
Clint has been in the indoor air quality industry since 1989. He has completed numerous training courses to enable him to locate and identify virtually all airborne contaminants and their sources. Much of his experience has allowed him to train numerous individuals in understanding and addressing IAQ issues. His expertise is in contaminant transport, location, and identification, as well as moisture migration throughout the building envelope. Clint is the lead investigator for services provided by our company. Clint is an Industrial Hygienist, a Certified Indoor Air Quality Professional, and a Certified Microbial Remediation Supervisor.
To contact him clint@junellsbreatheeasy.com or 806-355-6602

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